The age old questions LA vs. SF, Good vs. Evil, and Alisha vs. Sylvia. You decide.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Friday Night Fun

Can you believe it rained in Los Angeles last night? I barely had a moment to notice amid the choas and delight of the Air concert and the after party where we enjoyed free cheese and wine with creepy Scientologist Beck. The party would have been better if the DJ's equipment didn't get soaking wet in the rain. After party with no music??? Those guys in Air are SO cute. I totally forgot.
Oh ya, and before I went out I cleaned out my enitre closet, made brownies, and went to the new vegan place, Flore, on Sunset...which is AMAZING!
I wonder what Sylvia did last night? Hmmm...I'm guessing it involved Netflix. I know, it's SO SAD!


echolalia said...

Hey, if you got a good look at Beck, did he seem okay? (As in, not ill?) I heard he was in poor health recently (no doubt due to some Scientology regimen).

Myles said...

Yeah I think if Sylvia did do the Netflix thing, then you won Friday. Totally.

Patrik said...

I'm really into the competitive format of this blog. I think it's really revolutionary.