The age old questions LA vs. SF, Good vs. Evil, and Alisha vs. Sylvia. You decide.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Who blogged it better?

My favorite frienemy, from SF's most popular blog, was at this party I "made an appearance at" the other night. When we first met he was totally rude and I may have drunkenly told him I hated him. I was just lashing out. Jeremy and his ever-present camera actually took some decent photos this time. As I told him, "for once he didn't make me look like a freaky raver". We extended the proverbial olive branch, and took this picture together.


Anyways, Tom was lovely as always, and I loved his outfit! He even bought me a beer.

So, don't you think my blog is better than their blog?
Friendly competition is totally healthy especially when you come out on top!



AaronMayfieldSunshine said...

This is the hardest decision i've had to make in years.

alisha said...

Make an assessment!

Jeremy Smears said...

you're a trouble maker, little missy!