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Friday, January 18, 2008

Fatal Attraction!

Why is it that somehow it happens that we find ourselves inexplicably drawn to that which we can't have or makes us feel bad. I feel like I hear it all the time. Friends who are in love with someone who treats them badly or is involved with someone else. My journey down this road began last spring in San Francisco. My friend Michelle had called me up and asked me to meet her at Yerba Buena Gardens for lunch. Always eager to get the hell out of my jail cell of an office and gossip with Michelle about her internet sexy chats and ex-boyfriend drama I gladly accepted. I scooted out of my office and popped into Harvest Urban Market to pick up something yummy. Sadly, the cutie that worked there had quit by this point so my visit was strictly food-oriented. Anyways, I get to Harvest and decide upon a caprese sandwich and feeling summery i ventured into the fruit section. I landed upon a basket of plump, ripe, and delicious looking figs. Figs are seriously the most forgotten about fruit and I don't understand why. They are sweet, juicy, and have a great texture. I bought my figs and my sandwich and walked down to the park to "chow down". Over the course of an hour I recieved an extensive sexual education (as always) from Michelle and ate the entire basket of delicious figs. Next thing I know my mouth was feeling all itchy and bumpy and my throat was closing up. Fuck! What was going on? I went back to work and kind of blew it off and my mouth felt really funny for a couple more days.

Later in the week I indulged once again in some fresh figs. You guessed it: bumpy mouth, itchy throat, blah blah blah. Basically what I am getting at is I think I am allergic to figs. NO!!!! I couldn't really handle this at this point in my life so I chose to ignore it. I kind of avoided figs for a while but it has been so hard. Tuesday I decided to test the waters and I bought organic fig newtons from Whole Foods. I couldn't resist...OMG they looked SO good. I got four of the cookies down before I even turned off of Fairfax and it started happening again. This time the top of my mouth was super swollen. I ignored it again and packed my lunch for the next day including a nice ziploc bag full of the sweet treats. Needless to say those little figgys had no mercy on me and I am paying for it now. It's Friday and my mouth STILL hurts. WTF!! I can't handle it and the worst part is all I want to eat is figs!!!! I am CRAVING them...bad! I had to give Adelaide the rest of the cookies and make her take them away from me.

I just don't understand why I am so attracted to something that does nothing but bring me pain and sorrow. It's like a bad relationship...I keep going back for more. Umm...DUH Alisha you know how this is going to end. Get over it. Kick it to the curb. But I just can't give up that easily.


Sylvia said...

Duh because they are the BOMB! Love those little figgys.

alisha said...

update: it's monday and my mouth is just starting to feel normal again. Sheesh.

Sylvia said...

you're nuts!