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Friday, January 25, 2008

Quiz for U

I love quizzes! When I was a kid, Gish and I would bake homemade chocolate chip cookies and do the quiz in Teen magazine together every month. How to Tell if He is Into You? (He wasn't). Are You a Flirt? (I wasn't). What's Your Style? (ummmm...).

Jessica sent me this color quiz to take the other day ( so I took it and the results were soooooooo wrong! OMG I have never seen such poor results from a quiz. Even the Jr. high quizzes were more accurate. You should take it and tell me if it made you feel as bad as me.

(On a side note, I was surfing the web and looking at other quizzes and they were SO funny here are a few of the ones I liked the best: Could You Date a Sexy Vampire?, Are You Ugly or Pretty?, and How Blood Obsessed Are You? Haha sooooo good!

P.S: You should watch Myles' new video cause it made me feel better about myself.When I am down I can just tell myself "At least I'm not really into Vanessa Williams. Life could be worse."

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