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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I once had good taste...

Usually on my drive to and from school I listen to NPR and catch up on my election 2008 news. Today, lucky me, I didn't have to be at school today until 10:30am instead of my usual 8:00am start time. So I got in the car and some really depressing, quite, boring, music was coming out of the speaker. I quickly found out that this was KCRW's morning programming called "Morning Becomes Eclectic". Now, since I just moved to LA I am not totally familiar with the history of this program or it's popularity, but on my first real introduction to it I was really BORED! Maybe I am just bored in general, but it made me realize that I am kind of in a musical slump/rut/somethingoranother. Since my ipod got lost/stolen (yet to be determined), I have not had the luxury to listen to music in the car and when I am at home I have been listening to records mostly but one of my speakers broke so that sucks. Also, I don't have speakers for my computer yet so my itunes must be played directly from my laptop and I don't have a CD player so I play CD's out of the TV. Ummmm...I am not trying to sound pathetic, but I totally need help. I need some new music to get me excited and motivated to get a new ipod, fix my speaker, and start jammin out. Any suggestions, ideas, mix CD's/tapes, or encouragement would be greatly appreciated and repaid at some point.

Thanks for your help you guys. Does anyone else feel like this? I came home today and put on the same record I have been listening to for the past 2 weeks. It has to stop somewhere!!! HELP!


Kristi said...

OMG i can totally relate! We must be soul mates or something because I have been begging Morgan to lend me his CD's so I can get some new music. Guess what lady. I am going to make you a few new CD's. Address please. Thanks.

Jessica G said...

um, excuse me, but I used to work for KCRW and it DOES SUCK that show is BORING. You should listen to 97.1 the FM talk station like me!! or power 106 which in actuality is 105.9.